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Remember when Bezos whined about having too much money? Amazon's Q3 will help out with that Plan to strip post-Brexit Brits of. It's not clear whether the surveillance was conducted by governments or private entities. Customer email addresses in the collection appeared to belong to a German surveillance company, an independent consultant in Dubai, the Bosnian and Hungarian Intelligence services, a Dutch law enforcement officer and the Qatari government. The documents, leaked last Saturday, could not be readily verified, but experts told ProPublica they believed them to be genuine. The documents confirm many details that have already been reported about Gamma, such as that its tools were used to spy on Bahraini activists.

Some documents in the trove contain metadata tied to e-mail addresses of several Gamma employees. Gamma has not commented publicly on the authenticity of the documents.

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A phone number listed on a Gamma Group website was disconnected. Gamma Group did not respond to email requests for comment. The leaked files contain more 40 gigabytes of confidential technical material including software code, internal memos, strategy reports and user guides on how to use Gamma Group software suite called FinFisher. FinFisher enables customers to monitor secure web traffic, Skype calls, webcams, and personal files.

It is installed as malware on targets' computers and cell phones.

The documents reveal that Gamma uses technology from a French company called Vupen Security that sells so-called computer 'exploits. FinFisher's exploits include techniques called "zero days," for "popular software like Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat Reader, and many more. CloudWatch provides automatic dashboards, data with 1-second granularity, and up to 15 months of metrics storage and retention. You can also perform metric math on your data to derive operational and utilization insights; for example, you can aggregate usage across an entire fleet of EC2 instances.

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CloudWatch enables you to explore, analyze, and visualize your logs so you can troubleshoot operational problems with ease. With CloudWatch Logs Insights, you only pay for the queries you run. It scales with your log volume and query complexity giving you answers in seconds.

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In addition, you can publish log-based metrics, create alarms, and correlate logs and metrics together in CloudWatch Dashboards for complete operational visibility. CloudWatch collects monitoring and operational data in the form of logs, metrics, and events, and visualizes it using automated dashboards so you can get a unified view of your AWS resources, applications, and services that run in AWS and on-premises. You can correlate your metrics and logs to better understand the health and performance of your resources. You can also create alarms based on metric value thresholds you specify, or that can watch for anomalous metric behavior based on machine learning algorithms.

To take action quickly, you can set up automated actions to notify you if an alarm is triggered and automatically start auto scaling, for example, to help reduce mean-time-to-resolution. You can also dive deep and analyze your metrics, logs, and traces, to better understand how to improve application performance. and google.

Monitor key metrics and logs, visualize your application and infrastructure stack, create alarms, and correlate metrics and logs to understand and resolve root cause of performance issues in your AWS resources. CloudWatch helps you correlate, visualize, and analyze metrics and logs, so you can act quickly to resolve issues, and combine them with trace data from AWS X-Ray for end-to-end observability. You can also analyze user requests to help speed up troubleshooting and debugging, and reduce overall mean-time-to-resolution MTTR.

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CloudWatch alarms watch your metric values against thresholds that either you specify, or that CloudWatch creates for you using machine learning models to detect anomalous behavior. If an alarm is triggered, CloudWatch can take action automatically to enable Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling or stop an instance, for example, so you can automate capacity and resource planning. CloudWatch collects data at every layer of the performance stack, including metrics and logs on automatic dashboards. Explore, analyze, and visualize your logs to address operational issues and improve applications performance.

You can perform queries to help you quickly and effectively respond to operational issues.